In an attempt to enhance the meet's organization and make the meet a more pleasurable event for the athletes and coaches, we have set up a website-based school entry system.

We're using entry service.
 There's nothing to download, just create your user name and password for the account. The entire meet is set up on their site.

Upon completion of registation all entry fees will be due.

ENTRY FEES - $20.00 per individual per event and $45.00 per relay team OR $125.00 for Boys/$125.00 for Girls OR $200.00 combined school.
Purchase order, Voucher, or Check in full must be received by:
May 18th, 2018.


Mail to:

P.O. Box 460
Schenectady, NY 12301

School codes (abbreviations) for data entry are listed on the Eddy Meet site under the hyperlink Eddy Meet School Codes.

Please check the code for your particular school as duplicate codes will cause a problem with data entry. First time schools will have to generate their own particular abbreviation and make sure that the abbreviation is not already assigned.

It is the coaches responsibility to make sure entries are correct and valid.

We will be accepting the top 40 individuals for each event. There will be no alternates for individual events, as we decided to increase our acceptance from 32 to 40. So, if we have 4 scratches we will seed the heats with the remaining 36. Accepted entries will be posted by 12pm on May 17th.

Entries will close on Wednesday, May 16th at 8pm. We will NOT, under any circumstances, accept entries beyond that date. It is not fair to the coaches and athletes who have entered their athletes on time. So please save this date.

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